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Reasons Why Living In An Apartment Is Better Than Living In An Independent House

If you are currently living in an independent house, you might wonder what it would be like to live in an apartment. Well, it is a lot more convenient and fun than you think! In this blog, we will tell you why you should move into an apartment and why an independent house is not the best choice for living in a city like Delhi NCR. We will be talking about the apartments in Noida and nearby regions and why they should be on your list if you currently live in an independent house and want to move into an apartment.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Moving Into An Apartment in 2022 –

  • Living In An Apartment Is Actually Cheaper!

Believe it or not, living in an apartment rather than living in an independent house is much cheaper. Living in an apartment saves you money and time with little to no maintenance costs per month. If you need anything fixed or maintained, then all you need to do is make a phone call. They will do a call to the apartment staff and everything! You no longer have to worry about calling a different person whenever you have to get something repaired in your apartment. Also, if you’re moving into a brand new apartment, it’s even better as these apartments have new appliances that won’t break or need to be replaced anytime soon.

  • Easily Maintained –

If you currently live in an independent house or have ever lived in one, you know how difficult and tiring it is to maintain. From a watery roof to a dirty pool (if you have one), there’s so much to take care of in an independent house. And with all these responsibilities comes a hefty repair and maintenance bill. If you live in an apartment, there are almost zero repairs that you need to take care of. Most of the time, the apartment staff takes care of it, as mentioned in the first point. Even if one comes, it’ll be once in a blue moon.

  • Better Safety and Security –

Let’s be honest – Unless we are too wealthy, we can’t afford a security guard around our premises 24/7. Although we can install security cameras for surveillance, all of that comes at a hefty price. Being in an independent house with no people around can always come under the radar of thieves. An apartment, being surrounded by other apartments, is a lot safer. In most housing societies like AIG ROYAL, there are security guards on the entrances and exits and 24/7 running surveillance cameras. They also have fire-fighting equipment that can be used in case of mishaps.


  • Makes You A Part Of A Community –

Apartments in Delhi NCR – especially Noida – are based in Housing Societies. These societies are a great way to boost your social skills. They often host functions and occasional parties. On national holidays such as independence day and republic day, they host different events to make these housing societies a happening place. Also, making new friends is a way to kick the boredom out of your life, and who knows, maybe your neighbours can help you out in need!

  • Lots Of Amenities At One Place –

While living in an independent house, thinking of a swimming pool or a party hall sounds nothing more than an extravagant expense. But when you opt for living in an apartment, you automatically get access to amenities such as the swimming pool to chill out in summers, the clubhouse to host grand parties, the gymnasium to burn some extra carbs, and many more. If there are so many more benefits of living in an apartment than living in a house, it is nothing but a bargain!

  • Need To Move-In And Move-Out Quickly? Apartments Have Your back! 

That’s right! For those whose jobs require them to move from place to place, or for those who don’t want to spend their lives living in the same area and space, apartments are hands down the best choice. It is way more comfortable than moving in or out of those bulky independent houses. Easy to move in and move out.

  • Choose The Size You Prefer, That Too In Your Budget!

Always wanted to upgrade from a 2BHK to a 2BHK+Study or a 3BHK but never got a chance to do so? Here’s the universe screaming at you to move into an apartment! Apartments are much more affordable than independent houses, and here you get to choose your preferred size that fits your budget. Starting from 1BHK going all the way up to 4 or even 5BHK, the sky is the limit when choosing the apartment size!


If you want to escape that sad and boring house experience and move to somewhere more fun, then move into an apartment today! Going through all these points, you might have concluded that apartments are far better than independent houses. So what are you waiting for?


Now you might be wondering where the best apartments in Noida are. We are pleased to inform you that AIG ROYAL has the best apartments in Noida. With options such as 2BHK, 2BHK+Study, and 3BHK to choose from, you have plenty of opportunities! Contact Us Today! Your Next Perfect Apartment is just one call or message away.


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