Why should we go for a thorough home inspection before buying a house?

While searching for a house, we look for fancy views that fit our mood. But while choosing a place where we have to spend most of our lives, we should always consider a thorough home inspection first. While it may sound boring and unnecessary, a home inspection tells us a lot about the place that we are about to buy or live in. 

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough inspection of a property to search for any defects that can be dangerous in the future. Everybody wants their home to be safe and after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety has become an even bigger issue. A practice that was once done only in the west is now finding its way in the Indian real estate market as well. As more people are educated about the benefits of a home inspection, its demand is gradually increasing in different parts of the country. 

Here is why we should consider a home inspection before moving into a house – 


  • Helps in reducing future mishaps –

During a home inspection, the home inspector carefully examines every corner of the house and points out anything that bothers them or can be harmful in the future. Loose wires, water leakages, the existence of any insects or small animals, damaged interiors/walls/roofs are some of the things that these professionals check while inspecting a home. After doing this ‘full body check-up’ of our homes, they suggest the changes (if any) that might have harmed us or might have been a liability in the future.


  • Get an expert opinion on the house and the nearby locations –

House inspectors generally know about the localities that they are inspecting. With a proper house inspection, you can also get insights into the property and its past, the locality, and the living conditions. For example – If you are looking for a property in Noida, you can search for home inspectors in Noida and nearby areas to get an expert opinion on the property and whether it is a good buy or not.


  • Bargaining Rights

If the home inspector finds nothing to worry about, then you are good to go. But if they find something that might have caused trouble or could have been life-threatening, then you should immediately contact the seller and inform them about the same. They shall be further liable for all the corrections and you can also bargain more than the settled price as you found these faults on your end.


  • Helps to develop a better plan –

Once you are satisfied with the inspection and find nothing faulty about your new place, you can make a better placement plan and can somewhat picture the position of furniture in your mind. This can help while shifting to your new home. Also, if you find something faulty after the inspection, you still can have an idea of how it will change everything else, which will make everything easier again. 


  • Psychological reasons –

If a home inspection goes as planned, it gives a sense of accomplishment. It makes us feel confident about our decision-making skills. From choosing the property to going for the house inspection, it helps us in taking the right path to our perfect home. On the other hand, if things don’t go as planned, we can always have some breathing room to correct our mistakes. It’s a win-win for us.

Please note that a home inspection is absolutely your choice. If you’re on s tight budget right now and can afford some extra expenses in case of any future mishaps, then it is not necessary to go for it. But as we all know that “prevention is better than cure”, it is just a small price to pay any future problems and to live a better life in the new home.

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